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Exterior Painting

At Seriously Painting Ltd., we take pride in providing high quality exterior painting services for residential and commercial properties. With our commitment to excellence and professionalism, and the use of premium quality paint from Benjamin Moore’s Aura and Regal collections, your property will look its best and be protected from the wear and tear of B.C. weather all year long.

Our attention to detail, and focus on quality will guarantee that your exterior painting needs are met at the highest level. We hold our work to the highest standard, and this shows in every project we complete.

We do more than simply paint your home or business exterior. We use the right tools and techniques to ensure a beautiful and lasting finished product. We put care into our work to ensure that it will maintain its durability and crisp, excellent quality even a decade later. All of our exterior painting projects begin with a complete cleaning and preparation of the entire exterior - this prepares your property to look its best. We often invite clients to drive past properties we painted years earlier so that they can witness first hand the long term benefits of investing in quality work. We are proud to stand behind our work.

No matter the current condition of your property, we are confident in our ability to improve the look, quality, and lifetime of your exterior.