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Cabinet Painting and Refinishing


Nanaimo Based Cabinet Painters

Based in Nanaimo B.C., Seriously Panting Ltd. offers kitchen cabinet painting services across central Vancouver Island.

"“These guys did a fantastic job of our kitchen cupboards, beyond our expectations, we will definitely be calling them again. Thanks guys!!”


Thorough Preparation

All of the cabinets we refinish are thoroughly cleaned, sanded and primed twice to ensure proper adhesion.


We use durable, low VOC water-based primers and enamel topcoats when painting cabinets.

5-Year Warranty

We confidently back our cabinet painting with our 5-year warranty.

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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Professional Cabinet Painters?

We charge $6,750 - $8,500 to paint kitchen cabinets when spraying cabinet doors off-site and painting cabinet boxes by hand. 

Pricing for a sprayed finish for the cabinet doors and boxes costs on average of $9,250 - $11,250.


We spray cabinet doors and drawers in our shop regardless of how the boxes are painted.


What’s the Difference Between Sprayed and Hand Painted Cabinets?

Although spraying offers a better finish, it requires extensive masking and only allows limited access to the cabinets during the painting process.

Painting the boxes by hand requires minimal masking and allows access to the cabinets during the entire painting process.

We spray cabinet doors and drawers in our shop regardless of how the boxes are painted. 

How to Save Money on Cabinet Painting

You can save up to $800.00 by removing the doors and drawers, cleaning, and reinstalling them after painting.


We can provide instructions to help with the cleaning, removal and installation process.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

How Long Does it Take to Paint Cabinets?

Painting kitchen cabinets takes about two weeks to complete.

Drawers and doors take a week to paint and are left to cure prior to reinstallation to avoid damage during transportation.

Including the necessary masking, spraying the boxes takes 4-5 days on-site, compared to 2-3 days for hand-finished boxes.

What Paint and Primer Do We use on Cabinets?

We prime most cabinets with water-based bonding priming. Some cabinets require oil-based primers to prevent previous finishes or natural wood tannins from bleeding. 

For a topcoat, we use top-of-the-line water-based enamels from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams including Benjamin Moore’s Advance low VOC waterborne Alkyd, and Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim enamel. 

Water-based enamels provide a durable, washable finish with lower VOCs than Lacquers and Alkyd enamels and are much easier to touch up. Available in thousands of colours and multiple gloss levels. We can help you choose the perfect colour and sheen for your kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities.


How many coats of paint and Primer are required?

We apply a minimum of two coats of primer and two topcoats. Applying two coats of the primer and topcoat minimizes the chances of anything being missed. 

Some cabinets may require 3 or more coats of topcoat to ensure full coverage when doing drastic colour changes. We apply light coats to minimize undesirable drips and runs.

Do we sand cabinets?

We sand all of the cabinet doors, drawers and cabinets boxes before priming and painting. Sanding cabinets is essential in achieving proper adhesion over existing glossy lacquer finishes. 

Sanding glossy surfaces helps to remove loose material and also increases the surface area by creating micro-abrasions that the paint can stick to. 

We use HEPA filtered dustless sanders to contain and collect dust from sanding cabinets prior to painting and between coats.


How do we Clean Cabinets? 

We use eco-tsp and unscented, natural dish soap to remove grease, wax and other contaminants that may cause issues with the finished product. 

All of the doors, drawers, and boxes are cleaned twice to ensure we remove as much contaminate as possible.

Painting Bathroom Vanities

Like kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities need to be durable, and able to withstand the high traffic and high humidity common to bathrooms. Seriously Painting Ltd. is proud to have the expertise required to repaint bathroom cabinets and vanities. 

We offer a number of different finishes in thousands of colours for bathroom vanities.


Other Services

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