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Project Showcase: Nanoose Bay Exterior Repaint

We're proud to have completed this exterior repaint in 2021.

Location: 5 minutes from the Fairwinds Marina and Seascape Restaurant

Scope of Work: Repaint all exterior fascia and trim, and restain cedar siding and wood accents.

Products and Colours Used: Trim; Benjamin Moore Moore Aura Exterior Satin Finish in CC-260 Butter Cream. Siding; ArborCoat Solid Stain in 2141-40 Creekside Green. Wood Accents; ArborCoat Translucent Water Borne Natural Stain.


The first step in prepping this exterior was a thorough cleaning by hand with eco-friendly cleaning products. Luckily, this exterior was in good shape and required little scraping or sanding.

Application Methods

We chose to paint this entire exterior by hand due to the excessive amount of masking that would be required if spraying. Additionally, applying stains by hand will result in a longer-lasting and better quality finish than spraying. Sprayers cannot work the stain into crevices in wood without the help of a brush or roller.

Difficult Areas

The biggest challenge of this exterior was height. You can see from the photos below the high peaks that we worked on to complete the painting. We used our 28ft ladder to reach the high areas on this exterior.

This was my view from the top of the peak overlooking The Straight of Georgia.

How long did this project take?

This exterior took about three and a half weeks, including the cleaning. We like to take our time to ensure that everything meets our work standards and lasts for years to come.

What is the total cost of a project like this?

Large exterior repaints like this cost between $15,00.00 - $20,000.00 dollars including all prep, labour and materials.


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