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Seriously Painting Ltd.'s Pricing

For accurate pricing on any painting project please contact us to receive a free no-obligation written quote.


Variability in Pricing

Quality is our signature. It is noticeable in each finished product we stand behind. Our painters not only start and work well, but they finish well.


The concentration of our work avoids visible problems caused by rushing the project or lack of experience.

Pricing for all of our painting services varies on a number of factors, including the material cost, amount of preparation required, height and complexity of the project, and more.

For such reasons, the following pricing should be used only as an estimate.

Last updated 05/4/2024



Eco-Frendily Products

5 Year Warranty

Hourly and Daily Rates

For smaller patch and repair jobs we can charge hourly and daily rates, which don’t include any materials or sundries.


Hourly Rate

Starting at: *$80.00 per painter per hour. * 4-hour minimum


Daily Rate

Starting at: $640.00 per painter per day


Interior Painting Pricing

Pricing based on the square footage will include labor, preparation, materials, and as many coats as required to obtain an even finish and full coverage. 

We prepare and apply all coatings in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Whole-Home Interior Repaint

We charge on average, $6.75 - $9.25 per SQ FT or  *$10,125 - $13,875 For all walls, ceilings, and trim.


Includes labor, necessary prep, materials, sundries, and touch-ups. 


*Project: Unoccupied 1500 SQ FT residential interior with 8-9 foot flat ceilings, walls that are in good shape-- only minor filling required.


*Trim doors and baseboards in good shape (1x4 flat stock trim, no crown moldings or wainscoting).

Cost to Paint a Room

The average 12x12 room will cost $480.00 - $720.00 to repaint walls only. Repainting an entire room, including the walls, ceilings, trim, and baseboards, will cost $720 - $960 on average. 



$1.75 - $2.50 per square foot



$2.75 - $3.75 per square foot


Trim Doors and Baseboards

$2.25 - $3.00 per square foot

Covid-19 Protocols for Interior Painting Services

Seriously Painting Ltd. is committed to lowering the risks of Covid-19 transmission.

We sanitize any common contact points (doorknobs, light switches, faucets, window latches, handrails, etc.) at the end of each day due to Covid-19.


We also wear masks during the duration of any interior work.


Have any questions? Or are you looking to get a free written quote?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pricing

On average, we charge $6,750 - $8,500 for a full set of kitchen cabinets when spraying cabinet doors off-site and painting cabinet boxes by hand. 

Sprayed finish for both the cabinet doors and boxes costs, on average, $9,250 - $11,250


Spraying the cabinet boxes will result in a slightly better finish than painting by hand, but it takes more time to set up the masking.

Compared to refacing or replacing your cabinets, refinishing or repainting them can cost you a fraction of the price.

Exterior Painting Pricing

We charge on average $6,720 - $11,520 to repaint the whole exterior of a single-story house.


Two-story homes cost on average $11,520 - $21,120.

Our attention to detail and focus on quality will guarantee that your exterior painting needs are met at the highest level.


We hold our work to the highest standard, and this shows in every project we complete.

Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing

Whole-Home Exterior Cleaning 

We charge on average $875.00 - $1,575.00 to clean the exterior of an entire house including gutters, fascia, trim, windows and siding.


Pressure Washing Services

Starting at *$80.00 per person per hour plus fuel for pressure washing services. *4-hour, and $10.00 dollar fuel charge minimum.

Other Services

Exterior Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Drywall Repair

Textured Ceiling Repair

Epoxy Coatings

Garage Floor Coatings


(250) 802-7763

Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am-4:00 pm

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