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New Construction Painting

High-Quality Finish

Fully Insured

5-Year Warranty

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Pricing for New Construction Painting

Interior Pricing

We charge on average $6.25/SQFT - $8.25/SQFT*, or between $15,625.00 - $20,625.00* for the interior of a 2500 square foot new construction house. 


*Including primer, drywall corrections/touchups, two coats of high-quality paint on the walls and ceilings, caulking, filling, and two coats on trim, doors, and baseboards.

Exterior Pricing

Exterior pricing varies significantly for each project as there are typically more variables than compared to interior painting. 


We charge, on average $4,250.00 - $9,750.00 to repaint the whole exterior of a single-story house.


Two-story homes cost, on average $6,750.00 - $18,500.00.

For more information on our pricing, see our pricing page

Industry Best Practices

We follow all manufacturer's recommendations in the preparation and application of all projects, especially new construction. 


All painting is done in accordance with industry best practices. 


Including thorough cleaning of the worksite before painting; sanding between coats, painting all six sides of interior doors two coats (including the top and bottom of all doors, and the back of closet doors); allowing for proper dry time between coats; using high-quality primer, paint, and even caulking. 

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High-Quality Paint and Primers

We don’t like cutting corners, including cheapening out on materials. Freshly painted new drywall and trim should be durable, washable and look great for years to come.


Our favorite paint includes Benjamin Moore’s Regal for walls and Scuff-X or Cabinet Coat for trim, doors and baseboards. 


We happily use similar high-quality paint products, including Sherwin Williams Emerald for walls and Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel for the trim, doors and baseboards. Cloverdale Paint’s Eco-Logic is a nice alternative to Benjamin Moore Regal and Sherwin Williams Emerald and is a Canadian owned and operated company.

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Clean and Professional Sites

“Professionals Painter” shouldn't be synonymous with messy. 


We strive to maintain a clean work environment during the entire painting process. This includes properly masking off anything that is not specified to be painted or stained. 


Once finished, we remove any garbage or refuse and leave the project cleaner than when we arrived.

New Construction Painting FAQ

Do we spray, or bush and roll?


Application methods vary from project to project. Typically, we spray and backroll the primer and ceilings. Trim and doors are typically sprayed with the walls and baseboards being done by hand.


How many coats of paint do we apply? 


New drywall or Gyprock is primed and receives two coats of high-quality topcoat. Trim, doors and baseboards are painted twice. Additional coats of paint are applied as necessary for full coverage.

How long does it take to paint a new house?


New construction interior is normally completed in two phases, each spanning 3-5 business days. Primer, ceilings, and the first coat of wall paint are done once the drywall is completed. Trim, doors and baseboards are done at a later date that includes the final coat of wall paint and touch ups. 


Do we sand between coats of paint? 



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